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Celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday with us

All Services and Civilians Welcome

Saturday 11 November 2017

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Meetings of the Club are held the first Thursday of every month at 7 PM

American Legion Post 453

2755 Bachman Drive, Dallas, Texas 75229

Help Us Help a Veteran in Texas

   "It's amazing what you can accomplish when you don't care who gets the credit".

                                 - Harry Truman

     Mel Nixon

 USMC Veteran

    Gunnar Grove
1stSgt USMC(Ret.)

     Dennis Lee
MSgt USMC(Ret.)

   Tom Stephens
GySgt USMC(Ret.)

Our Advisory Board

The Leatherneck Club of North Texas was incorporated and was granted 501(c)(3) status in 2012, allowing donations to be tax deductible. The Incorporation document of Leatherneck Club of North Texas is available for inspection at the American Legion Post, 2755 Bachman Drive, Dallas, Texas 75220, with the office of the Texas Secretary of State, and at www.guidestar.org.

Although created by a group of Marines, the Club's membership is multi-service, reflecting the true nature of its purpose - to help wounded and 

disabled veterans of all services.  The VeteranHelp.org domain and the "Circle of Emblems" further emphasize that all those who wore our country's uniform are Brothers-in-Arms.

All members of the Leatherneck Club of North Texas are unpaid volunteers.  All funds are distributed to Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) and needy veterans in Texas.  To us, a veteran in need is a veteran in need, regardless of where they live in our state.


 The Club acts as a coordinating agency, directing funds to where they can be of greatest effectiveness.  This coordination function is called simply -  VeteranHelp.  The first contact veterans in need make is normally with a local Veterans Service Organization, such as the Disabled American Veterans, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, or the American Legion. Often, especially in rural areas, these organizations have limited funds available.  Once the organization verifies the need, it may make application to the Leatherneck Club of North Texas for funds.

The Leatherneck Club also supports initiatives to address the critical issue of homelessness in the veteran community.  We support annual Stand Downs that bring homeless veterans to a central location for much needed support.

 The Leatherneck Club of North Texas financially supports the Fisher House, which is similar to the Ronald McDonald House, but provides the families of wounded veterans the ability to be close to their loved one during treatment. The Club also supports the Veterans Resource Center, located just a few blocks south of the Veterans Hospital in Dallas. The VRC is a "One Stop Shop" to interview veterans and direct them to the help they need. The Center owns and operates a number of special, wheel chair equipped vans and has volunteers who pick up veterans at their home, drive them to the VA hospital, and return them.  The Club contributes several thousand dollars a year toward the insurance, fuel, and maintenance of these vans.

The motto of the Marines says it best "SEMPER FIDELIS" (Always Faithful).  Our mission is to remain faithful to the men and women who sacrificed to defend our FREEDOMS.

Meet Our Team

Leatherneck Club of North Texas

P.O. Box 29164

Dallas, Texas 75229-0164

Phone: 214-907-6514

"Serving Our Valiant Veterans in Texas"